Maximize Yield across Ad Network
Make Your Website Traffic to Ad Revenue

AdX Programmatic Buying Platform Creates Multiple Sources of Revenue

AdX is a real-time marketplace that connects to Google Display Ad Network to buy and sell ads. Advertiser can bid multimedia ads through this marketplace. Via AdX, website can reach thousands of brand advertisers globally and locally. AdX gives website more opportunities to reach advertisers that can’t reach in the past. AdX can create multiple sources of revenue, whether it is RTB or AdX marketplace, we ensure your site receive the maximum revenue.

AdX+DFP, Dynamic Allocation Ensures Maximum Ad Revenue

Sales Frontier serves both publishers and advertisers. We have a large pool of advertisers that can help you to fulfill your client’s demands.


DFP can integrate direct sale and ad network that all ads can deliver through the platform. You can set the reserve price for your ad inventory, and the unsold ad slot will be distributed via real-time dynamic allocation. The highest bidder will win the impression. It is effective to reduce remnant ad slots and to achieve maximum selling price on ad inventory.